Mats Nyblom resigns as Managing Director of Hector Rail AB

Mats Nyblom will step down as Managing Director of Hector Rail AB, but will remain with the Hector Rail Group as a consultant.

Mats Nyblom was elected to resign his position as Managing Director of Hector Rail AB on 23 December 2016. He will nevertheless continue to work as a consultant for the newly formed Hector Rail Group.

"Having founded Hector Rail 12 years ago and been its Managing Director since then, it is now time for me and Hector Rail to move on. It was a fantastic experience to build such a promising company together with our workers, customers and suppliers. It's the right time to step back and leave it to the next generation." Says Mats Nyblom.

"Hector Rail wouldn't exist without Mats Nyblom. His work and devotion is looking for its equal. I am genuinely pleased that he will remain with the company as a consultant, which will allow us to maintain this extraordinary competence in rail freight transport," says Jaokim Landholm, CEO of the Hector Rail Group.

Joakim Landholm will, in addition to his current role, replace Mats Nyblom as Managing Director of Hector Rail AB when Mats Nyblom leaves. An application process to fill this position permanently has already been initiated.

For more information:

Please contact Joakim Landholm, Group CEO, +46 70 24 00 346