Hector Rail will manage and organize SCA's rail transport of round timber

Hector Rail will manage SCA's rail shipments of logs.

Hector Rail AB has reached an agreement with SCA Skog AB to transport logs to SCA mills and sawmills in northern Sweden, from Sundvall in the south to Pitea in the north, for ten years. As a consequence, Hector Rail will invest in new locomotives that can tow heavy trains, recover power during braking and generate power resistors in and from terminals without chain lines. The wagon fleet will also be replaced by a new generation of wagons with greater loading capacity.

The duration of the contract is ten years and will replace the current contract, which was extended until the end of 2017/2018, and will be valid until December 2027.

"We are very proud and happy to receive another confirmation from SCA Skog. We have innovated and done a lot of work to offer modernised transport services and something really new," says Mats Nyblom, Managing Director of Hector Rail. "In addition, the confirmation we received after ten years of cooperation was a decisive factor. Here a big thank you to all who did a good job during this time"!

Hector Rail already provides SCA's log rail service in central Norrland. Additional volumes are SCA roundwood transports in northern Sweden, as well as the volumes resulting from enormous investments in a pulp mill in Östrand. The total agreement of the rail transport includes about 3.5 million cubic meters per year if the extended Östran plant runs at maximum capacity.

For more information please contact us:

Joakim Landholm, Group CEO, Hector Rail Group +46 702 40 03 46