We are green

Hector Rail powered by water  

Independent rail freight provider Hector Rail GmbH goes all in on being environmentally friendly in 2021 having signed an agreement to use only eco power for their electric locomotives. The electric locomotives will virtually be running on water as they will be powered exclusively by electricity generated from hydro energy.

“We are ready to go the extra mile for both our customers and the environment,” says Managing Director Stig Kyster-Hansen. “The railway is already the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation – and with this initiative, Hector Rail has taken the environment aspect to a new level.”

Stig Kyster-Hansen emphasises that above all else it is the right thing to do: “No transportation mode comes anywhere near rail when it comes to low emissions. Still, we can all do more, and that is what we are constantly striving for at Hector Rail.”


High standards

The initiative underlines that Hector Rail is a modern and responsible company. The exclusive use of green electricity is a logical next step in the company's development, together with the increased use of digital solutions and smart processes.

“At Hector Rail, we expect that customers will eventually demand high standards of the transport business with regard to taking care of the environment. Many customers already monitor their own environmental impact closely when they choose the railway as their preferred mode of transportation – and this initiative will aid their decision making,” Stig Kyster-Hansen adds.

The company’s green initiative is visible on an electric locomotive which shows the company logo in green together with the ‘Wir sind grün’ slogan selected for the initiative.


One step further

As a natural consequence, Hector Rail will also be exploring opportunities to lower the company’s total energy consumption and improve energy saving driving.

“We are establishing a programme to support our locomotive drivers in being more energy efficient in the way they drive the trains,” Stig Kyster-Hansen continues. “There are substantial benefits when we take care of the environment and at the same time reduce energy consumption.”

Hector Rail’s owner – independent infrastructure investment manager Ancala Partners – has recently secured additional funds to develop Hector Rail further so there will likely be more initiatives from the company in the future.