What are the official Hector Rail colour codes?

        • RAL 1003 (Pantone 123C / 109 U, NSC S1080-Y10R) Hex value: #f9a800
        • RAL 7015 (Pantone Black 7 U/ Cool gray 10 C, NSC S7005-R80B) Hex value: #4f5358
        • RAL 7035 (Pantone Cool gray 6C/5U, NCS S2002-G) Hex value: #c5c7c4

Where do the names for your locomotives come from? Why names from movies?

The Hector Rail founder is a great cinema enthusiast. Therefor it seemed only fitting to choose movie names for our locomotives, rooms etc. We continue this tradition in Germany. Our meeting rooms for example are called Asgard, Jakku, Hogwarts and Mordor. Our locomotives’ names can be found here.

Why do you use your own series designation for your locomotives?

This is also a Hector Rail AB tradition we chose to continue.

The first digit refers to the number of power systems.

The second digit refers to the number of the locomotive’s axes.

The third digit is our order number.

Everything after that is just sequential numbering.

Who may I contact regarding media inquiries?

Gern kannst du dich mit deinen Anfragen an Marc Giesen wenden.

Do you exhibit at any fairs?

We exhibit at ‘inotrans’ and ‘Transport & Logistik’, alternating each year. We look forward to meeting you at our booth!

I am a train spotter and would like to make my pictures available for you. Where can I do that? Whom do I contact?

You can send us your pictures to fotos-de@hectorrail.com.

How big can the images/e-mails be?

You can send us up to 10 GB of data.

Are you a training workplace for railwaymen/ railwaywomen in operational service?

To our regret we don’t offer training and apprenticeships yet, but you are very welcome to intern with us. You're welcome to apply here.

Can I transfer to you after my apprenticeship/re-training?

We are striving to offer permanent contracts to our interns.

Why are you using green power?

We have chosen to use eco power for our locomotives because we strive to do what we can to protect the environment. The transport business in general has a substantial carbon footprint, but with rail already being by far the most environmentally friendly compared to cars, trucks and ships, we feel an obligation to be at the forefront and provide our customers with the best transport solutions – also in an environmental perspective.

You can’t find your question?

Gern kannst du uns an info-de@hectorrail.de eine Mail senden.