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In addition to stabilising the existing market segments, we want to open up new markets for ourselves and establish ourselves as a rail transport company in the European market.

We will secure the company’s steady growth by regular training and development of our staff and close cooperation with our customers. We are built on modern technical support and high-performing and motivated staff.

Efficient and diverse solutions make an increase in performance possible for our customers, which include industrial companies, carriers, intermodal operators and other railway companies.


From 01.01.2020 , Hector Rail GmbH has obtained its traction current from the Tübingen public utilities and thus rely on a certified green electricity product. TüStrom Bahn Natur is clean electricity from 100% hydropower.

The initiative underlines that Hector Rail is a modern and conscientious company, and using green power exclusively is a natural next step in the company’s development together with increased use of digital solutions and smart processes.


June 2020

Huge boost for Hector Rail
Ancala European Infrastructure Fund II has reached a final agreement to acquire the Hector Rail Group from EQT Infrastructure II. The acquisition comprises all of Hector Rail's activities in Germany and Scandinavia with the two companies Hector Rail GmbH and Hector Rail AB


Since 2018 a strategic repositioning of Hector Rail GmbH has taken place with extensions of transports, installation of own HR department and employment of own staff.

Because of our Scandinavian roots, we adhere to a corporate philosophy with the following criteria: An open and honest communication between employees and customers, a family-friendly environment, quick functioning while still maintaining the highest degree of quality. Tolerance is particularly important to us. Your origin, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation and political views are of no importance to us - the focus is on you as a person.


In 2016, GB Railfreight was added to the Hector Rail Group.


In 2015, the subsidiary company Hector Rail GmbH was founded in response to the company expansion to and broad presence in the European market. They are an independent company that cooperates with many German and European businesses, Hector Rail AB in Sweden amongst others.Due to the further expansion and the stronger presence in the European market, the subsidiary Hector Rail GmbH was founded in 2015. It is an independent company and cooperates with several German and European companies, including Hector Rail AB in Sweden.


In 2014, the shipping family sold its shares in the company to EQT Infrastructure II.

EQT as the owner has the goal to support attractive companies growing into outstanding and sustainable companies. Accordingly, EQT invests in growth, innovation and change of the companies in the portfolio with a long-standing perspective. EQT offers the companies access to a strong international network of industrial advisors. Their competence and expertise regarding different sectors and situations are used to promote the companies’ growth.


Activities were extended to Denmark and railway traffic between Sweden and Germany in 2008. In 2009, the first passenger service was added to the portfolio.


Hector Rail was founded in 2004 by Norwegian shipping family Høegh. The first train departed on 12th December 2004. The initial activities was focused on heavy duty transport between Sweden and Norway.

Facts and numbers

Year of foundation Hector Rail GmbH: 2015

We deliver approximately 2.08 million train kilometres/year in operation in Germany, approximately 2.18 million train kilometres/year in operation in total.

Electric Locomotives
Diesel Locomotives
Train Kilometres Per Week


Who is Ancala?

Ancala Partners is a leading independent private equity firm founded in 2010 and based in central London. Ancala specialises in low-risk infrastructure investments and has raised EUR 2 billion and invested in a range of infrastructure assets, including transport. 

Ancala holds shares in water supply, sewage disposal, wind farms, natural gas and the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. 

The aim is to expand the portfolio by investing in medium-sized infrastructure companies throughout Europe. Recent investments include the Dutch fibre optic business Fore Free-dom and the Icelandic geothermal energy company HS Orka.

More about Ancala can be found on the following page: Ancala Homepage