Our Product Range

Hector Rail is a reliable partner for environmentally friendly transport logistics. We offer modern and flexible products and services for customers from industry and logistics, who are looking for highly efficient and high-quality transport solutions. Our locomotives are powered exclusively by hydro energy so you improve your company’s carbon footprint significantly by choosing Hector Rail as your transport partner.

Our operations/traffics include:
        • Light duty traffics, like intermodal and automotive transport
        • Heavy goods like oil, coal, chemical products, ores, stone, and other mining products
        • Long-distance passenger transport

In addition to our traction services we offer other services like provision of waggons, shunting services and technical waggon approval.

Our goal is to offer up-to-date solutions by:

        • Organising affordable, high-quality and up-to-date transport solutions
        • Design of contemporary, cost-effective, high-quality solutions
        • High-quality performance

Key competencies

        • Uncompromising safety
        • Customised solutions
        • Production planning
        • Locomotive fleet management
        • Optimization of resource demand
        • Reliable traction
        • Involving and motivation our employees for maximum commitment
        • Developing an efficient company culture