Hector Rail and Samskip expand cooperation

Hector Rail and Samskip agreed on partnership in and around Sweden. From the first of January, six transport journeys per week between Helsingborg in Sweden and Dusiburg, in the Ruhr area in Germany, through Copenhagen in Denmark will be added to the existing operations. Hector Rail and Samskip already have a cooperation between Duisburg and Malmö, Almhult, Nässjö, Katrineholm and Gothenburg. The old and new operations are based on the concept of continuous locomotives between Germany and Sweden through the contact point through Denmark.

January 2008, the cooperation between the companies starts with the first ever direct trains between Scandinavia and Europe. Nowadays the Duisburg-Helsingborg train is a night train preceded by a fast door-to-door transition period. Collections can be carried out within a radius of 300 kilometres around Duisburg and delivered the next day in the delivery area around Helsingborg.

Samskip has developed a very successful door-to-door solution concept based on intermodal loading equipment and its own complete trains. The trains can carry all types of containers and trailers, including mega-trailers.

"We are proud to announce that Samskip's trust in Hector Rail has increased and has been confirmed," says Johan Logtenberg, Managing Director of Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal. "We're happy to take this step with Hector Rail and continue to develop the intermodal concept."

Like all contemporary electric locomotives now in use at Hector Rail, electronic brakes recover energy and spit it back into the rail network so that it can be used by other vehicles. Using this type of locomotive is the most environmentally friendly alternative that can be offered for land transport.